This shop is the culmination of years of internal struggle to create something that utilized all aspects of who we were and to incorporate that purpose and passion into our work.  We have always loved the retail experience when you find that place where the smell, the feel when you cross through the door, the light, the crisp folded garments, and the people working the floor all come together in an inspiring way and it makes you feel like you are in a different place when you enter in. For the past 8 years Kelli and I worked for other apparel brands, designed lines, sold at shows, traveled and acted as ambassadors for product and  built relationships with other brands, stores and buyers. Throughout that process, we felt truly blessed, but we internally craved a place close to home where we could curate something of our own, something we believed in that supported our community, the local arts, incubated ideas, and worked with other small businesses. We wanted a place where people came in and were inspired and felt they belonged. After a particularly long travel stretch working with some apparel brands this past year and the wear and tear that came with being constantly away from home, I stepped back and realized that now was the time, there was no better time to take a chance and to risk it all on something we cared about even though we knew the traditional brick and mortar retail model was not a lucrative business. Kelli and I prayed, trusted and dove in full force to begin the process of creating and curating a store/creative space that we felt was an offering of who we were and showcased products and brands along our journey that we loved and that we truly wanted to celebrate with others. The space was one where we also wanted to showcase goods that we felt told better stories than all of the mass-produced and constant consumption-focused cheap goods out there that we used briefly and then threw away. We really have a love for a perfect pair denim that wears and lasts, for boots that age beautifully, for accessories made by hand with local materials, and for brands that were taking the time to invest in sourcing in the USA or were working with co-ops overseas to create goods that had more meaning and lasted.  It's about more than just retail, we wanted a space where people came and had a hot coffee or a cold beer, where they could ask us questions about product and get the best service, but also friendship. We envisioned a place where conversations happened, where passions for new projects were realized and where we worked to help build the small business in our city through our collaboration with small brands and local creatives. The goal of what we hope to accomplish here is more than just to have a place where we work on creating and showcasing goods that we love and offer it to you, it's to build relationships and empower those in and around us through what we do and the passion we have for our work and the products we carry here.   Come by sometime, let's have a coffee.   Sam + Kelli   Video created by Imaginale Design // imaginaledesign.com // @imaginale Art Direction by AVE Styles // avestyles.com // @avestyles Interior Design by SMID // smidthat.com// @smidthat Florals by Lace & Likes // laceandlikes.com // @laceandlikes Song: "Rise" by Tony Anderson from The Music Bed // themusicbed.com Special thanks to: Bradley Mountain // bradleymountain.com // @bradleymountain Richer Poorer // richer-poorer.com // @richerpoorer // @vincethebeliever  



[…] A few weeks back we worked with our super talented friends Alex and Alejandra on a branding video for Lone Flag.  They did such an amazing job capturing the space and our heart behind it.  We are so happy to have this footage to look back on and remember this time in our lives. Sam wrote a bit more in depth about his story with the shop and his purpose and vision behind it over on the Lone Flag blog . […]


[…] house for a celebratory dinner for the launch of our shop. It was all a part of our cohesive branding video conceptualized by Imaginale and Ave Styles. We thought we’d share some of our favorite […]

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