Community Spotlight - Jonnie Allen

Why don’t you introduce yourself for all those who don’t know you.
Hey I’m Jonnie Allen. I’m an artist, a pastor, an adventure seeker, and a self proclaimed dolphin trainer.  I’m an SD native, surfing and the ocean are a huge part of my life inspiring much of what I do. I’m a co-founder of the Moniker Group and I’ve been a supporter of the Lone Flag crew since day 1. 
You’ve done a lot of rad installations and art around San Diego. What drew you to doing this kind of work?
I’m a creative to the bones and art has had an evolution of expressions in my life. I have landed on installation art because it is a medium that mixes all of the skills I’ve learned through my life experiences. Mixing structural integrity, engineering, art, form and function. Also, bottom line is I want to create things that blow peoples minds and 3 dimensional art blows my mind. I really just love building things. 
How do you feel your work brings the community around you together?
My favorite part of creating art is having a role in peoples stories. Art connects us through common emotions and inspirations. When someone is moved by something I’ve created I get to hold a place in their story. That also compounds as others get to have that when they interact with my art together. Its becomes bigger than me and I love that. 
What kind of art/projects inspire you to do what you do?
 I’m inspired by art that I can’t figure out and art that has been highly designed for form but still serves a function. Like a canoe from @prezlerwoodshop or a chair from @overgaard_dyrman 
Who are your favorite artists to keep an eye on? 
Some other artists that I keep an eye on are @matthiaspliessnig @johngradestudio @jamesbruntartist @kelseybrookes @nugeandwood and I love me some street art @farid_rueda.
What’s your next upcoming project to look out for?
My next project to look out for is a coffee truck I’m designing as well as a series of wood canvas pieces.

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