View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles We strive to live a lifestyle that injects thought, creativity and relationship into all things that we do here at LF. Few things bring people together and create an atmosphere of valuable discussion and interaction like meals do. We strongly believe that a good meal with close friends, the smell of cooking food, the passing a bowl of something made with care around a table, the pouring of a cocktail and clinking of a glass....those are things that we shouldn't take for granted and that we should incorporate more into our communities together.  So much of what we do here as a small business is with almost no budget and we have really tight finances so we know that almost everything that gets done here is based on the goodwill and help of friends. A few weeks ago we got together at our friend Betsy's house for a celebratory dinner for the launch of our shop and brought together several of the people that pitched in on our project and lent their hand to help us along the way. It was all a part of our cohesive branding video conceptualized by Imaginale and Ave Styles. We thought we'd share some of our favorite fall recipes in case you wanted to give them a try for your next gathering. Life's too short to not gather up your friends, neighbors, strangers, anyone and share a meal together.   CAULIFLOWER SOUP
Olive oil 2 tbsps
1 head of cauliflower
1 medium sized yellow onion
4 cups of chicken broth or veggie broth
parmesan cheese for sprinkling (optional)
truffle oil (optional)
rustic bread (optional)
put 2 tbsps of olive oil into a large pan or medium sized sauce pan on medium heat.
peel and slice the entire onion
sauté the onions until lightly brown and soft.
while the onion is cooking, cut the cauliflower stalk off and rinse the cauliflower head well
cut the cauliflower into pieces (it doesn't have to be chopped to small)
add the cauliflower to the pan once the onion becomes soft and toss together
sauté the cauliflower for about 5-7 minutes
then add your 4 cups of broth, bring to a light boil
once the cauliflower is soft to poach ~5-7 minutes (if you pierce with a fork easily, it should be ready)
turn the stove off
transfer the soup to the blender and put on the puree or liquid setting
once blended, transfer back to the pot and keep on low or serve immediately
Add grated parmesan cheese and truffle oil for additional flavor
Recipe by Smidthat
  View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles BOURBON CASHMERE
1 oz pure maple syrup
Pour in bottom of highball glass
Shake over ice
1 oz heavy whipping cream
1oz bourbon
1 oz Frangelico
Pour the shaker slowly down the back of a spoon into the glass to create the layered effect.
The spoon helps to "break the fall" so you can maintain your layer.
Recipe by Jessica Helgeson of SEE salt
  View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles BOURBON CIDER
3 oz Apple Cider
2 oz Bourbon
Sh1/2 oz Grand Marnier
Splash of Pure Maple Syrup
Shake over ice.  Serve with cinnamon stick. Enjoy!
Photos by Imaginale

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