B1B2B3B4B5B6The last few days we've been holed up in an amazing little cottage at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach shooting for our Lone Flag Fall mens line catalog that we'll have some sneak peeks of shortly. After getting catalog shots of all our upcoming Fall line pieces, we took the opportunity to also capture some lifestyle looks of a few of our favorite current Spring pieces in the shop from other brands that we genuinely love. We were also excited to have some of our Lone Flag family over for a group dinner to celebrate the people we love that pour their time and support into making the business a reality in an effort keep ourselves committed to focusing on making our space and brand as relational as possible. A few days of getting work done, great laughs with friends, quiet moments with our family, and early dawns out catching waves at the local break around the corner were all we needed to recharge for the rest of the month and all the events and long days ahead. We're continually reminded how important it is to take time together as a family and enjoy one another as well as to remain so grateful for doing work that we're passionate about that ultimately isn't really a job since we love what we do. *For info on the cottage you can go here - If you've been looking for an inspirational getaway or are from out of town and want to come visit SD and see us at the shop, this is a great option for you to check out as a place to stay on the beach and in the ideal center of town in Solana Beach.

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