The MidWest. As much as we love San Diego, call the town our home, and champion it, we still have deep roots in the middle of the country. I grew up in Minneapolis, MN and spent a lot of time in the lakes and woods of MN and WI as a kid. Now, to take the family back and get out on a lake and fish, drink simple canned beer, lose all cell service,  and laugh around meals and fires is the best getaway I can think of. No frills, no extra expenses and luxury travel, just family, friends and the beauty of the woods. A lot of what our brand and store represents are directly tied to these roots in the MidWest. Things there are made to last, people care about how an item functions and want to pass it on down the line, and residents of the smaller towns generally want to live in community with one another and support their neighbors. We hope to be about that as well and carry that tradition and feel on in our home in Southern California through our shop and the brands, products, friendships and relationships we represent and foster here. If you haven't made it through the shop yet...come hang out. We'll have a beer together and catch up like old friends. 432 65 8 914

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