Coast Denim Destroyer Competition

RALLY SEASON: We're doing it fam, it's time. Let's engage in a little friendly competition to show everyone out there on the webs the beauty of jeans worn hard and worn often so and build some community together along the way. So here it is, we're excited to unveil the details of our first-ever (but not last) denim destroyer challenge.

Dates: Aug 10 start date - Feb 10 ending date

Here are the basics: Each Coast Denim pair must be purchased within 30 days of the competition (It will launch Aug 10 and complete on Feb 10) and must be the core indigo or black. Once purchased (you have 10 days now), send an email to info@loneflag.co for us to register that pair and get you in the pool. We'll give it 6 months for wear and tear in any way that their job / life takes them and then photo submissions can be sent in for Keng to judge. The main winner gets $1K in LF credit plus a new pair of Coast as a replacement and 2 other winners (2nd and 3rd place) get $250 in LF store credit and a new pair as well. Top 3 winners must send in their pair for us to post on and then those pairs go up on our "wall of fame" in the shop for all to behold your work in person (your lore will live on forever alongside your name on the wall).

We fully understand that 6 months isn't that long, especially to develop unique fades and wear patterns. It is, however, long enough to show how awesome denim can evolve in whatever your vocation / hobbies / daily grind looks like in a short window of time, whether that's painting in the studio, working in a garage, chasing kids in a yard, or just wearing to the office...do work to that pair and you could win big. Since Coast Denim is lighter weight it offers a faster break-in period and more opportunity for wear year round in all seasons so go hard on them and know we'll repair / update them along the way for you at any time. We have your back guys, do your worst to these pairs. We're ready. 

Let the games begin....

(sample pair of Coast at 4 months)


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