5 minute walk west from the Lone Flag headquarters you'll come across a jivey cafe by the name of IronSmith. Founded by Matt De La Rosa, who's has been a longtime friend and provider of coffee beans here at LF. We're surprised its taken this long for us to produce a special coffee roast together. Say no more, the time has come. COAST ROAST.

Whats good Matt De La Roasta... How is 2021 going for you so far?
Whats up! Thanks for having me on here. 2021 is off to a strong start. Both on the home and work front. I think 2020 was such a hectic year that many of us were eager to make 2021 something else! The shop was recently remodeled late last year so we're just getting in the groove of it.

Any new hobbies surface from this past year??
Not necessarily new, but I definitely turned up the notch on my financial investments. If anyone had been following the markets last year, they probably did the same thing! Id say thats been my newest hobby that ive been investing (no pun) my time into it. Probably more than a hobby at this point.

For the people who don't know, what led you to developing Iron Smith, especially here in North County?

There wasn’t a lot to it when we started back in 2015. All we knew was we wanted to open shop and literally anywhere would do. We didn’t have a ton of experience in lease negotiations or had much capital. A combination of luck and timing lead us to our current location in Encinitas. Luckily at the time, downtown Encinitas was still somewhat developing so getting in there at the time we did was clutch.

Lets get nerdy... Let the people know about this LF x IronSmith Coffee roast.
Im the king of nerdy.. The LF X Ironsmith coffee is a regional blend from one of my favorite coffee regions, Guatemala. Guatemala sits on some very fertile volcanic soil which contributes to the unique characteristics that is commonly enjoyed from there. That and the years of experience producers have in that country usually leads to a high quality tasty coffee. It's one of the most consistent coffee producing regions in the world.

What can we look forward to for the year for you and Ironsmith?
As usual, im constantly on the hunt for the next banging coffee. I dont buy too far out because I like having to find new coffees multiple times a year. Maybe some more upgrades to the shop? I like to shoot from the hip sometimes. Whenever I get a bright idea, I usually roll with it! 

Thanks for having me. Been a huge supporter since day 1!

VIDEO by: Taylor Scalise

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