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If you've followed Lone Flag for some time now, you'll be familiar with our denim repair process in store. We still receive tons of inquiries each week on how the process works, what denim is eligible for repair, and what the general pricing is. Good news : It's really simple. We love your denim too, and the longer it lives the better it is (and looks) so it's our joy to give your pair new life. All you have to do is contact us via our contact form or with info regarding your repair need and size, or you can simply place an order for the repair online here if you already know the service you need. ALL DENIM IS ELIGIBLE FOR REPAIR, we take any brand (the most common question we get here). Only Nudie Jeans and Coast Denim are eligible for free repairs, all other brands we service and offer competitive pricing and as fast of a service turnaround as possible. It's easy. Let's give your denim new life again.

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