You asked and we delivered. Per our last instagram stories Q&A, many of you wanted to know more about the man behind the shop's daily operations as well as the hands behind the darning / hemming in store. Keng is at the heart of Lone Flag and has been a part of the brand since the earliest days so we're well overdue to highlight the man behind some of your favorite pairs of repaired denim, email replies from the shop, or that voice when you call in.

Say no more:

Favorite Brand at Lone Flag? Tough one, narrowing it down to one I would have to say I love what Dan is doing at Corridor.  If you didn't see his GQ article he was also in the CIA, so he told me to say that.  All jokes aside the fabrics and his cuts are just timeless and fit my body type well.

What's your go-to denim? Nudie Jeans. Not only do they fit my broomstick legs well, they use 100% recycled denim.  To be honest that 2% elastin is pretty nice for my Southern California temp gauge.

Got to shirt? If I'm not living in my Lone Flag Basic Pocket Tee, then I'm most likely in one of my Gitman Vintage shirts, or Corridor.

Tell us about the origin of your infamous hat? Let's face it, i'm a hat guy.  The initial obsession probably started with our homie Shaun coming in with his Nick Fouquet hats. Yes Hat(s).  Just feeling the beaver felt, the silk inlay etc, I was sold.  I would probably tell my girlfriend (hi Emma) how I wanted a $1200 hat every month, and she would just roll her eyes.  My 30th Bday came around and she gave me a pamphlet of photos of me with a photoshopped hat on top of my head in every picture, at the end it said we're going to Venice.  Long story short, she is a keeper.
Oversized or Tailored? Both. I think that's what's unique about style and expression.  You can do whatever you want and as long as you own it who cares.  I'm personally tend to go more towards a tailored fit but I have some pieces that are oversized too to just throw in the mix once in a while.
Color that is the next hot item for fall? I think its called Meercat, brownish orange like the Brown Heritage Plaid Corridor Released
Most Anticipated Fall Item/Release? For the past couple years for us it has always been 3Sixteen's Waxed Canvas Jacket in black, and it will probably reign true again.  What I'm most excited about is probably our denim releasing...won't say anymore, just stay tuned.
What got you interested in personal style?  I think i've gone through a lot of phases in my wardrobe, from college until now.  Probably an identity crises of finding myself in those times.  Honestly just trying things and really owning it is half the battle, if you feel good in it you probably look good. It helps to have an honest friend too
How did you learn how to Hem and Denim Repair? Youtube. Period.  I never really had a desire to learn how to use a sewing machine until probably my second year at Lone Flag.  We had a need and I said I was just going to figure it out and ended up really enjoying it.  Through countless hours of rethreading or learning how to thread and threads breaking and flipping tables and... etc.  it all paid off, now it is fun and like coloring a book on denim just with a 300 pound machine.
Hometown: Born in Hollywood, raised in San Diego. Hometown will always be SD 4 Lyfe.
Best 3 Restaurants in SD?  #1 Anyone who knows me knows that Campfire is my spot. #2. Lolitas IN MY OPINION has the best California Burrito, for any of you that don't know what a California Burrito is.  Next time you are in San Diego, your welcome. #3.  Izakaya Masa, I just love ramen. Anytime of the day.
Best Coffee in SD:  I have my spots for specific drinks.  I worked at Starbucks for 8 years(I know) and would just drink black iced coffee, I've become soft and now.  I'm just a milk and sugz kind of guy.  Philz Coffee Mint Mojito, don't make fun it's crack.  Zumbar has my favorite Latte/Mocha.  Iron Smith for the Flat White.
Fave Cocktail:  Pina Co... Jk Old Fashion (not joking tho)
Best Keng Name Pun: Kengkles
Favorite surf spot? - Pipes or any of those breaks around there. 
Final Keng Thoughts:  Measure Twice Cut Once
You can drop Keng a personal line at keng@loneflag.co at any time to catch up on all things life / denim / product related. 

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