When denim heads get experimental techy this is what comes up...

Making no hard claims here. We got in's on this technical military grade Faraday EMF shielding fabric that blocks Radiation from devices. We took this and lined the back pocket of our Signature 1.5 Year wash Super Tapers.

We like to think of our phones as a mini microwave. Something that we don't want to be next too on the regular, but also waiting for the real physicians to let us know why we don't want to stand next to such items.

Until then this is our Denim / Health & Wellness collaboration product to those who are interested in denim and mitigating radiation. Who knows this could be something big time or an archival piece in the later future that we can laugh about. Either way experimenting with denim is fun.

Small Batch Available here: Lone Flag - Super Taper 1.5 Wash Tech Jean.



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