So what is the aim of the One Ear Project?

The main purpose is to create a beautiful lifestyle product with multiple uses. We looked at countless photos of cowboys and vintage photographs of workers and people in general to get a sense of how the bandannas were used. Needless to say our standard Two Ears size is just the right “pocketable-size”. We really wanted to make something bigger and more versatile.

We started with finding a wide selvedge fabric with a versatile weight. The same double side selvedge that you all have learned to appreciate hasn’t changed, we have increased the weight of the fabric just slightly to give some sturdiness for a wide variety of applications. When I say wide I mean is 90 cm x 90cm which is actually “huge”. Being inspired by the big scarf bandannas of the 1800s. This provides a product that can be used in a multitude of ways:

"Each of our bandannas are printed by hand at a printing company which has an expertise at this style of direct printing. In the 1800s bandannas were made by discharge and cylinder printing. However technology has greatly advanced in printing and the quality has not diminished. We chose this specific printing company as they loved the challenge of making a high quality print to equal that of the masters of the 1800s."

"There is something more elegant about he moth than the butterfly. Maybe it has something to do with the spotlight always being on butterflies…? Perhaps, but the moth is textured in such a way that is very attractive to my fabric-mind. The wing patterns when combined with the texture on their bodies it has a really incredible aesthetic. As one of my dear friends put it “flying poodles”."

"The Eejyanaika naming is also fundamentally apart of the bandanna design but also the One Ear Brand ethos. “Fuck it, who cares”; my personal mantra for life. Eejyanaika was a movement that started at the end of the Edo period and ended at the beginning of the Meiji period. It was a transition that set Japan on a new course of Western cultural adaptations and new era of industrialization. Within a single (y)ear the country had a sudden uprising of rebellion from commoners against the imperial family. Its often diluted down to a year of celebration and carnivals. It was much more than that. Inspired greatly by block prints with content containing eejyanaika dancing, and carnival scenes we created our own dancing cult member, and dancing cats."

ONE EAR BRAND Bandanna's Available here.

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