The hurdles and curveballs of 2020 is not going to change the passion we have for bringing people together and producing things we love into the world. To continue the legacy of a local business and support to our communities, we jump into yet another chapter under the Lone Flag name.

Welcome to the Lone Flag Hideout.

A space here in San Diego attached to the oldest house ever built in our town of Encinitas. A 128 year old house and lot that served as a private home, hospital, religious retreat, and hotel. We scored a space for our (By The Sea) team to continually build out things we love (ongoing 8+ years now).

We welcome you guys to our showroom / studio space for intimate hangs, convos, custom denim fittings, and overall nerdy product knowledge on the whole LF offering.

Hit us a line at to schedule your appointment.


Photo: Carlo Aranda

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