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Feb 25, 2021

5 minute walk west from the Lone Flag headquarters you'll come across a jivey cafe by the name of IronSmith. Founded by Matt De La Rosa, who's has been a longtime friend and provider of coffee beans here at LF. We're surprised its taken this long for us to produce a special coffee roast together. Say no more, the time has come. COAST ROAST.

Whats good Matt De La Roasta... How is 2021 going for you so far?
Whats up! Thanks for having me on here. 2021 is off to a strong start. Both on the home and work front. I think 2020 was such a hectic year that many of us were eager to make 2021 something else! The shop was recently remodeled late last year so we're just getting in the groove of it.

Any new hobbies surface from this past year??
Not necessarily new, but I definitely turned up the notch on my financial investments. If anyone had been following the markets last year, they probably did the same thing! Id say thats been my newest hobby that ive been investing (no pun) my time into it. Probably more than a hobby at this point.

For the people who don't know, what led you to developing Iron Smith, especially here in North County?

There wasn’t a lot to it when we started back in 2015. All we knew was we wanted to open shop and literally anywhere would do. We didn’t have a ton of experience in lease negotiations or had much capital. A combination of luck and timing lead us to our current location in Encinitas. Luckily at the time, downtown Encinitas was still somewhat developing so getting in there at the time we did was clutch.

Lets get nerdy... Let the people know about this LF x IronSmith Coffee roast.
Im the king of nerdy.. The LF X Ironsmith coffee is a regional blend from one of my favorite coffee regions, Guatemala. Guatemala sits on some very fertile volcanic soil which contributes to the unique characteristics that is commonly enjoyed from there. That and the years of experience producers have in that country usually leads to a high quality tasty coffee. It's one of the most consistent coffee producing regions in the world.

What can we look forward to for the year for you and Ironsmith?
As usual, im constantly on the hunt for the next banging coffee. I dont buy too far out because I like having to find new coffees multiple times a year. Maybe some more upgrades to the shop? I like to shoot from the hip sometimes. Whenever I get a bright idea, I usually roll with it! 

Thanks for having me. Been a huge supporter since day 1!

VIDEO by: Taylor Scalise


Dec 18, 2020

2020 was a year...for all of us globally. On the Lone Flag side it meant moving from our brick & mortar on the coast highway into the new surf compound space to re-group, re-balance, and push forward with persistence on the one thing we new well: make great comfort denim in LA at a price point for all. So here it is, the fruits of our labor all year as we fought uphill against domestic production stoppages, raising sew prices, and overall economic uncertainty. We believed, we pushed forward, and we couldn’t be more stoked to FINALLY RELEASE COAST WASH DENIM (a whole year project for us, made for all of you to enjoy).



Nov 04, 2020

 The hurdles and curveballs of 2020 is not going to change the passion we have for bringing people together and producing things we love into the world. To continue the legacy of a local business and support to our communities, we jump into yet another chapter under the Lone Flag name.

Welcome to the Lone Flag Hideout.

A space here in San Diego attached to the oldest house ever built in our town of Encinitas. A 128 year old house and lot that served as a private home, hospital, religious retreat, and hotel. We scored a space for our (By The Sea) team to continually build out things we love (ongoing 8+ years now).

We welcome you guys to our showroom / studio space for intimate hangs, convos, custom denim fittings, and overall nerdy product knowledge on the whole LF offering.

Hit us a line at to schedule your appointment.


Photo: Carlo Aranda

THE BLOCK ERA - 2013 - 2020

Jun 27, 2020

Friends and family. We feel like every one of you reading this are more family than ever at this moment in time. It's inevitable that all brands, passion projects, communal movements, etc have a lifespan and we all grow and evolve over time, this is natural and known at the start. If you would have asked us what we wanted to do more than anything for the last 7 years as a job, we'd have all said this exact thing. Our physical store has been the most fulfilling, passion-filled, joy-centric, bond-building project we could have ever dreamed of (and more). We would take back nothing about this process and experience. All of us as a staff have phones filled with friends for life from this business and memories that won't ever be replaced, and the brands we've labored on now live in the homes and wardrobes of people on a global level, and for this we are grateful.

2020 has been strange for all of us, every small business has navigated the waters of this unprecedented season and fought to keep afloat and push forward in light of a set of challenges we've never seen before. We are one of those small businesses and as a team we have thought long and hard about how to restructure and pivot our model and refocus given the circumstances ahead as things (hopefully) normalize in some way. Whatever these new seasons may look like, one thing is certain, the future looks a lot different than we imagined it would entering this year.

In January we took a big risk, but an important one, and moved Lone Flag to the front of our building in order to build out our entire back studio space, and former store, as a communal gathering center aimed at creating a refuge center for the arts in our city, a place for youth at risk, and a gallery space and venue. We believe in cultivating community and this action was a tangible way to create value for our city in order to really live out our core values on the ground. In our excitement to launch this project with all of you we created the space, massively updating our building at a high expense to the brand...but none of us obviously knew what was ahead in that events would no longer be an option in 2020 due to the pandemic which surfaced just as we finished our overhaul. Our heart has always been community building manifested through the vehicle of our physical space, hosting people, product launches, giving haircuts in the barbershop, talking podcast with guests in the airstream out back, in-person meet-ups, surf sessions, patio dj sets, and any other form of interpersonal contact and promotion of culture in all forms on the coast.

Relational business is the lifeblood of who we are, and our failure to see the studio space launch as planned this Spring is a major setback, but such is life. Here we are, things have changed for everyone in the world and some things we can control and others we cannot. We embrace this reality. After months of mandated shutdown, it's at this critical junction of time for our beloved brand that we have made the excruciating decision as partners to put the physical store on pause and go into hiatus until, and if we can, figure out a new way to continue operating at a level of integrity that we expect for Lone Flag. We don't know what that looks like in the future, but right now, we are assessing all of our current options as well as the real obstacles ahead of us in a pragmatic way. These are difficult and nuanced decisions that affect all of us.

None of this is lost on us.

In complete transparency here, the harsh reality is that we have increasing rents on the block with no relief in sight, reduced production capabilities in LA, increasing overhead costs, as well as changing life seasons for each us in terms of family needs, time, and future goals. As a group of brothers we have spent hours working out what this means together for our company as a family and, at the end of the day, we are collectively deciding that we want to move forward on a high note and exit this season on our beloved corner in Encinitas with our heads held high and pride in our hearts for what this brand means and what it has accomplished.

We have so much passion for Lone Flag, what it has brought to San Diego and the world, and how many people it has touched and the friendships that have been forged along the way over the last 7 solid years.

It feels like such a blessing to have even been involved in it all to date, and especially to have been able to serve all of you that have participated with us along the way in our brick & mortar. There are a lot of variables ahead, but we remain optimistic about the future and new beginnings and iterations for all of us here in the Lone Flag family. Over the days ahead you'll be seeing us move forward on steps to close down the Encinitas brick & mortar and start a next chapter ahead in a different format and space.

Thank you for being a part of this brand with us thus far, it means the world to us and we have never taken that for granted. Feel free to reach out to any of us, we're here to talk and we remain friends and family going forward.

Long live CA denim.

Feel free to reach out to us. We're in it together.

Support San Diego Black Owned Small Business Restaurants

Jun 03, 2020

Ackee Tree

5712 El Cajon Blvd., El Cerrito

African Caribbean Market

4811 El Cajon Blvd., City Heights 


2884 El Cajon Blvd., North Park

Bankhead Mississippi Cooking

8300 Paradise Valley Road, Spring Valley 

Breakfast Bitch

3825 Fifth Ave., Hillcrest 

Cane Patch Kitchen

Liberty Station, 2820 Historic Decatur Rd., Point Loma 

Coop’s West Texas BBQ

2625 Lemon Grove Ave., Lemon Grove

Felix’s BBQ with

613 Ocean Ranch Blvd., Oceanside 

Flavors of East Africa

2322 El Cajon Blvd., University Heights

Gihon Ethiopian Kitchen

2432 El Cajon Blvd., North Park

Island Spice

6109 University Ave., Rolando

Muzita Abyssinian Bistro

4651 Park Blvd., University Heights 

One World Beat Cafe

2100 Park Blvd., Balboa Park

Pete Mayo’s Original Waffle Burgers

5044 Imperial Ave., Lincoln Park

Rhythms Chicken and Waffles Pacific Beach

1136 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach

Rock Steady Real Jamaican Restaurant

2820 Market Street, Grant Hill

Smack’n Guamanian Grill

9506 Miramar Road, Miramar

Spoiled Vegans Café

440 16th Street, East Village

Streetcar Merchants/Suckerfree

Streetcar Merchants, 4002 30th St., North Park; Suckerfree, 751 Fourth Ave., Downtown

7229 El Cajon Blvd., La Mesa

Tropical Savor Bar & Grill

729 4th Ave., Gaslamp

Trust/Fort Oak/Cardellino/Rare Society

Trust, 3752 Park Blvd., Hillcrest; Fort Oak, 1011 Fort Stockton St., Mission Hills; Rare Society, 4130 Park Blvd., Hillcrest; Cardellino, 4033 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills


Resource Credit: (, 

ROUND 2: "HANDCRAFTED" Coast Denim Contest

Apr 01, 2020

YUP. We are throwing down on another COAST DENIM contest for you guys.

As we have been hunkered down to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we have been striving to stay innovative, creative, and supportive - personally and as a small business. So however we can team up to utilize this time to create and share WE ARE DOWN.

ROUND 1 was all about getting in a pair of Coast Denim and wearing-and-tearing for 6-months. We wanted to see our 1% stretch raw denim worn, beat-up, ripped, faded, etc. So congrats again to Bunreth Nhong on being the winner for our first DENIM DESTROYER CONTEST. Thanks for showing us that you CAN get airpod case fades...


So Round 2 we are switching it up a bit. We want YOU guys to go full DIY / Handcraft mode on pair of Coast Denim. Whether thats custom distressing, or patchwork detailing, paintings, or adding unique accessories to the fit, the ball field is OPEN for interpretation.


1. Order a pair of Coast Denim Pants (Any fit/color) between (April 1- April 7). We'll give you guys a week to receive your order and extra time to think on how you want to customize your pair.

- Take 20% off your contest pair with code: HANDCRAFT20

2. May 10. will be the last day to send pictures of your pairs over to us via our ( contact.

3. We'll announce the winner on May 13, which we will ask to receive that pair so we can highlight online and display in the LONE FLAG shop. We'll issue you a FRESH pair of any COAST DENIM options AND a $250 Gift Card to Lone Flag to go along with it. 

a little inspiration to get you going...





Mar 12, 2020

You may have noticed a bit of trend here... Lone Flag and Bradley Mountain collaborations are a thing. And yes there are more to come. Simply we like making products we believe in with our friends here in San Diego. So here is our latest project that is readily available to you guys.

The Coast Winds Candle with a beach grass and coastal redwood scent in a jar. Whenever we spark it up it gives us a full home-y vibe.

photos: @heyanjelo

Lone Flag Studio Artist Series feat. Carter Asmann & Austin Lane

Feb 24, 2020

We have officially launched our new community cultural space called LONEFLAG STUDIO here on our block HQ in San Diego. To start it off we have invited San Diego based artists and friends Carter Asmann & Austin Lane - each of which bringing in a select series of pieces ranging from custom screen prints on Cone Mills / Japanese Denim fabrics to unique oil paints on untraditional painting surfaces. 

Carter Asmann - Reflectrospective Series (2018 - ) @CarterCartier

“Reflectrospective” is an ongoing series by San Diego artist Carter Asmann. The work explores color pairings, organic forms, and non traditional painting surfaces. The pieces are created by blending multiple layers of oil paint upon a mirrored glass surface. The reflectivity of the background creates an interactive experience that allows the viewer to see the painting, themselves, and their surroundings simultaneously. 

Austin Lane - @austinmlane 

"Having lived North, South, East, and West, this series draws inspiration from varying landscapes and climates of those locations. Screenprints on Cone Mills USA & Kaihara Mills Japan selvedge denim. Ocean wash, hand fray and brass grommets."


Open for viewing and purchase here at Lone Flag.

MON-SAT (11-6)

SUN (12-50

(Feb. 24 - March 5)


LONEFLAG team goes NY

Jan 30, 2020

The Lone Flag squadron just recently shot over to NY to visit our "other" family in arms (3Sixteen, Nudie, Gitman Vintage, Outclass, Carhartt WIP, Alex Crane, and more.

Each of which giving us their full insight on their AW20 collections. Basically, this is our version of giving you guys a look into whats to come, without fully "leaking" whats to come...

*Full list of the go-to eateries + cafe's below.





Food Recommendations:

Fish Cheeks

Lil Frankies


Cafe Recommendations:

Cafe Aime Leon Dore

La Colombe - Tribecca



***Hit us up if you want more NY rec;s and we'll plug you with our boy Maetha (Regional Nudie Rep). He's got the sauce...


Swami's Ocean Rinse Coast Denim Returns

Nov 20, 2019

Back by popular demand, the small-batch, ocean-rinsed pairs are raw-hemmed, soaked, and then rinsed again for a true coastal immersion technique that makes them slightly lighter and softer for the break-in ahead. Available now in select sizes. 

Photos : Justin Calcagni


Introducing : Coast Women's Denim

Oct 15, 2019

BIG NEWS : Ladies...we listened and we delivered. Welcome to the Coast Denim roster this beautiful high rise skinny in lightweight Italian-milled denim handmade in a batch of only 100 pairs. Releases in store and online this weekend. 

Photos : Carlo Arranda


Oct 03, 2019

If you've followed Lone Flag for some time now, you'll be familiar with our denim repair process in store. We still receive tons of inquiries each week on how the process works, what denim is eligible for repair, and what the general pricing is. Good news : It's really simple. We love your denim too, and the longer it lives the better it is (and looks) so it's our joy to give your pair new life. All you have to do is contact us via our contact form or with info regarding your repair need and size, or you can simply place an order for the repair online here if you already know the service you need. ALL DENIM IS ELIGIBLE FOR REPAIR, we take any brand (the most common question we get here). Only Nudie Jeans and Coast Denim are eligible for free repairs, all other brands we service and offer competitive pricing and as fast of a service turnaround as possible. It's easy. Let's give your denim new life again.

Coast Denim Destroyer Competition

Aug 01, 2019

RALLY SEASON: We're doing it fam, it's time. Let's engage in a little friendly competition to show everyone out there on the webs the beauty of jeans worn hard and worn often so and build some community together along the way. So here it is, we're excited to unveil the details of our first-ever (but not last) denim destroyer challenge.

Dates: Aug 10 start date - Feb 10 ending date

Here are the basics: Each Coast Denim pair must be purchased within 30 days of the competition (It will launch Aug 10 and complete on Feb 10) and must be the core indigo or black. Once purchased (you have 10 days now), send an email to for us to register that pair and get you in the pool. We'll give it 6 months for wear and tear in any way that their job / life takes them and then photo submissions can be sent in for Keng to judge. The main winner gets $1K in LF credit plus a new pair of Coast as a replacement and 2 other winners (2nd and 3rd place) get $250 in LF store credit and a new pair as well. Top 3 winners must send in their pair for us to post on and then those pairs go up on our "wall of fame" in the shop for all to behold your work in person (your lore will live on forever alongside your name on the wall).

We fully understand that 6 months isn't that long, especially to develop unique fades and wear patterns. It is, however, long enough to show how awesome denim can evolve in whatever your vocation / hobbies / daily grind looks like in a short window of time, whether that's painting in the studio, working in a garage, chasing kids in a yard, or just wearing to the work to that pair and you could win big. Since Coast Denim is lighter weight it offers a faster break-in period and more opportunity for wear year round in all seasons so go hard on them and know we'll repair / update them along the way for you at any time. We have your back guys, do your worst to these pairs. We're ready. 

Let the games begin....

(sample pair of Coast at 4 months)


Up The Coast - A Norden Home & Life Visit

Jun 24, 2019

Our friends at Norden make beautiful homegoods that we've carried in store for years now. Keng and Campbell had a chance to jet just up the coast to Carlsbad to catch up with the Norden team on all things happening there as well as to see some of the creation of their newest products happening in person (yes, people still make some great things by hand these days...rejoice). Well made and considered apparel goes hand in hand with home scents and goods made with the same frame of mind. That's what we love most about Norden and what they do with reusable ceramic vessels. 

All shots courtesy of Carlo Anjelo


David Kind at Lone Flag - A Conversation

Jun 18, 2019

For a few years now we've been working with our friends at David Kind, an eyewear brand inspired by midcentury design that makes its frames in Italy and Japan, to stock a curated selection aimed at our core audience of likeminded individuals at Lone Flag. This last month our founder Sam got a chance to chat with Dave (the proprietor of David Kind) about the process of small business, some ups and downs, and why we love the David Kind approach to frames. You can read the full interview here and also see the full collection of David Kind at Lone Flag here, including Sam's choice, the Quincy, which is avialable now as well. 

Also - June 29th we'll be hosting David Kind on the corner at the brick & mortar to allow for you to meet Dave in person and get custom frames aligned for you on the spot. Look out for more on that shortly.

All photos by Stefan Junir.


Carhartt WIP Spring Color Blast

May 22, 2019

We don't often go off on color, let's be honest, we've been a monochrome focused group since the beginning. That said, the sun's out on the coast and this season we're going all out on colors because, well, it just seems fun for a change. Carhartt WIP has delivered a doozy this season with the Club Pacific Short Sleeve shirts (fit is fire) as well as the classics like the College script shirts. 

Lone Flag visits to David Kind Eyewear HQ

May 08, 2019

As huge fans of made in Japan and made in Italy eyewear, we've worked with David Kind for the past couple years to curate an in store collection where we can provide a custom fitting and prescriptions for in the same vein as our custom denim hemming and repair services. This past week Campbell went behind the scenes to the David Kind design studio to get a personalized collection of the latest DK frames. Available now here

Staff Picks - "What We Wear" - Sam

Mar 21, 2019

Week three of a series of selects from each member of our team showcasing the individual style of the coastal crew (links at the bottom). 

Sam: Nudie - Svante Cuban Stripe, Lone Flag - Heavyweight Basic Pocket Tee Curved Hem (pigment black), Palm High - Brushed blush twill unstructured 6-panel, Reigning Champ - Black Sweatshort, Shoes Like Pottery - Black High Top


Mar 19, 2019

A collection from Nudie embracing the vintage history of vivid color sportswear combined with the iconic symbolism of Sweden's own denim son. This one is next level. Available March 22nd at Lone Flag both in store and online as a part of the global launch.


*one unit per order limit.

Staff Picks - "What We Wear" - Campbell

Mar 11, 2019

Week two of a series of selects from each member of our team showcasing the individual style of the coastal crew (links at the bottom). 


Campbell: 3Sixteen - BDL Shirt Blue Haze, LoneFlag - Heavyweight Basic Pocket Curved Hem, LoneFlag - Sterling Silver ID Bracelet, LoneFlag - Everyday Bucket Hat Dark Indigo, Levi's Vintage - 1920's 501's, Shoes Like Pottery - Black High Top

Staff Picks - " What We Wear" - Keng

Mar 05, 2019

Week one of a series of selects from each member of our team showcasing the individual style of the coastal crew (links at the bottom). 

Keng: Gitman Vintage - Navy Dot Camp Shirt, Coast Denim - Indigo Slim Super-Taper, Shoes Like Pottery - White High Top


Feb 12, 2019

Honesty moment. It's pretty hard to make things domestically. When the process of Coast Denim started, it was based off a passion for trying to somehow make denim here, entirely in Southern CA, that was ultra-high quality, made with more intentional fits for contemporary wear, looked different (no rivets / no branding), and was somehow entirely under $150. That was a pretty huge uphill battle, and it's still a really difficult process to make happen, there are so many more expensive and more time-consuming elements that go into creating things here in the U.S. All that said, it was a chance for us to know the workers, shake hands and laugh with our sewers, high five with our cutters, and work with our friends like Bradley Mountain to create patches the slow way right here in San Diego. Start to finish so much love goes into Lone Flag denim, it's hard to describe in full here. It's just the only way we could envision doing it all. 


Feb 05, 2019

2/5 IS UPON US. Introducing the Moonlight Rinse in Cove Black, a signature black ink 12oz denim for Coast Denim now in an ocean-soaked, triple-rinsed, and sun-baked variation with a subtle charcoal undertone. Available in this release in the slim super taper fit only, and limited to one per person. 



Jan 17, 2019

Located just a short walk from the world-famous Swami's wave, one of the quintessential Southern CA surf breaks, we took a small-batch approach to our first "wash" offering and created a unique twist on the original dry 12oz idea with a distinct Lone Flag perspective. Ocean-soaked at Swami's, fresh-water rinsed and tumbled twice, sun-baked in the Southern CA rays and raw hemmed by our team. A small-batch run done exactly the way we envisioned beautiful made in LA, worn wherever you are denim to be delivered. Available now while they last. 



Nov 29, 2018

"The Green Concept is a culmination of 18 years of Nudie ideology: ethical production and sourcing, organic and recycled fabrics, social responsibility all rolled into a play on our favorite color--GREEN. Green embo, green acrylic coatings, and our notorious "peaceful" Swedish camo." - NUDIE

This is legit. Probably our favorite capsule to date in how conceptual it is as well as how well it all looks in person. The team took some shots on the coast ( in old-school film) this past week to capture the essence of the Green Capsule which is available in store  Nov 3, online Dec 4th.



Nov 01, 2018

Drop 1 is upon us. 


Oct 30, 2018

We've followed the work of PNW-based Dan Ewing for a while as fans of his distinct style that goes into every detail. Having made very uniquely beautiful accessories for some time now, Dan has forged his own path showcasing a unique approach that is clearly influenced by his surroundings. We reached out to Dan to work together on something interesting that would show both spectrums of the West Coast that we love and live on, in totally different ways. This collective capsule specifically aimed to marry the PNW feel of Dan's work with Lone Flag's signature Southern CA feel. Each piece is extremely limited in number, and an a blackout story carries across each for a more contemporary feel that allows all pieces to be worn / held for all occasions. The best of both worlds, distinctively West Coast, North + South.

We chatted with Dan on what makes EDG so special:

You have a distinct feel that seems to tie in directly to your Alaskan / PNW residency. How did this terrain and culture affect your brand and was that intentional?
It was completely influential.  When I first started out I was making pieces out of found bones and things and working with Alaskan native artists to make more north coast inspired pieces.
Talk about how you got started and what the main catalyst was to start your own brand?
We started in 2012 when I couldn't find leather items that I wanted to carry or use (no disrespect to the handful of leather brands that were around then).  I had these ideas in my head and needed to get them out.  Not too long after that my wife told me that working a full time job and staying up till midnight or 2am everyday fulfilling orders wasn't working out and that I needed to pick one. The rest is history
(Editors Note): Marry well. Usually your wife knows best. 
Favorite current brands?
Rogue Territory always (Karl's my boy), Stevenson Overall Co., Iron Heart, John Lofgren,  Good Art Hollywood and Lone Flag T-shirts (the only T's I wear), So many great brands out there, this is just what popped in my head.  I love brands that are original and stay true to their roots without chasing every fast fashion trend out there.
(Editor's note): This wasn't a leading question, I promise. Dan actually wears LF shirts.
How would you describe your personal style?
Heritage meets street style meets dirty Alaskan hippy
Where do you get inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from just about everywhere, every great artist that is true to themselves inspires me.  Cultures inspire me, music inspires me, creation and nature inspires me and my family inspires me.  I try no to look to fashion for inspiration or other artists in my genre, it's just too easy to blur the line between inspiration and imitation.
How does your creative process work for new pieces?
Pretty much I try to think of things that people absolutely need and mix that with elegance and nature.
What are the pros and cons of small business in your context?
Taxes are a con, every small business owner feels me on this one, about 1/3 of what we make goes to taxes.  There are so many pros; being in charge of my schedule, my creativity, my stress are huge.  Being able to spend time with my family is priceless.
Any words of wisdom for someone looking at what you do and wanting to start their own business?
First impressions are everything, get good before you drop it on the world.  I believe that we were created by the most creative bing in the universe and He created us in His likeness, that means He created us to be creative.  This being said, don't start a business because you think you can do what someone else is doing, start a business because the world needs your business.
What does a day in the life of Dan Ewing look like?
Wake up at 8ish (because I can), take my daughters to school with my wife and then go on a walk or just spend quality time with my wife.  After that I come to the shop (basement apt turned shop beneath my home) and begin to prepare myself for the day. I work until  3:30 and then unless I'm in the middle of a project or way behind I pick my daughters up from school.  After that I work until about 5 and than stop for family time.  Once I put my daughters to bed I then go back downstairs and that is pretty much my creative time to work on new things until about 9:30/10 in which I binge on Netflix with my wife until bed time.   Pretty much that Monday - Friday
Is Seattle ever going to get another NBA team or was Shawn Kemp the peak of PNW basketball?
I'm a Blazers fan, and in case you missed the opening game where they beat the Lakers, you know that the Blazers are the best thing to come out of the PNW!  ;)
(Editor's note): I hate the Lakers, glad they lost Dan. What's more painful though, is I'm a Clippers fan. It's hard to admit in public. 
Best distinctly Alaskan food?
King crab,  I pretty much won't eat any other crab anymore; it's too much work for little payoff.  King crab though have so much tasty meat!   
Best movie that portrays Alaska how it should be seen?
A hidden gem called 'Alone in the Wilderness' which was filmed in the late 60's but released in 2004.  Super inspirational for anyone interested in living off the land and or making things with their bare hands.
(Editor's note): Thanks for not saying 'Out Cold'...even though I sort of secretly love that movie. Is that ok?
How does being a dad affect running a brand and where do you find your balance?
My kids are always around except during school which makes it beautiful and frustrating all at the same time.   Balance for any business owner with a family, that understands the proper order; Wife, Children, business, will spend the rest of their life trying to figure this out and still never get it right.   Lots of face to face time is key.
Preferences for the best PNW town? Which one is amazing that nobody knows about?
Being from Alaska but living in Portland, I really miss the ocean.  There are so many great little ocean cities on the Oregon and Washington coast:  Canon Beach, Seaside, Long Beach and even places like Astoria Oregon are amazing little spots.  If you've never checked out Portland Oregon, you need to add that to your bucket list.
Future goals for Ewing Dry Goods?
We're doing lots of great collabs this year and into next.  Keep your eyes out for a few boots and a work shirt.  We just want to continue to progress and be able to live and love people all the while.
Any last words?
Stop supporting fast fashion and start supporting small family run business!


Oct 27, 2018



Oct 17, 2018

It's family business here at Lone Flag and we take community pretty seriously, whether that's in the shop or all of you across the globe. Thanks for taking part in this project with us. It's a dream to work with a team that believes and builds together. Our close friend Scali got some behind the scenes shot on standard film for our upcoming Coast Denim release slated to drop on Nov 2. 



Oct 15, 2018

Throwback Heavyweight Tees and Universal Thermals. Street to office basics for everyday wear that we use daily on the coast. Less is more. 




Oct 02, 2018

You asked and we delivered. Per our last instagram stories Q&A, many of you wanted to know more about the man behind the shop's daily operations as well as the hands behind the darning / hemming in store. Keng is at the heart of Lone Flag and has been a part of the brand since the earliest days so we're well overdue to highlight the man behind some of your favorite pairs of repaired denim, email replies from the shop, or that voice when you call in.

Say no more:

Favorite Brand at Lone Flag? Tough one, narrowing it down to one I would have to say I love what Dan is doing at Corridor.  If you didn't see his GQ article he was also in the CIA, so he told me to say that.  All jokes aside the fabrics and his cuts are just timeless and fit my body type well.

What's your go-to denim? Nudie Jeans. Not only do they fit my broomstick legs well, they use 100% recycled denim.  To be honest that 2% elastin is pretty nice for my Southern California temp gauge.

Got to shirt? If I'm not living in my Lone Flag Basic Pocket Tee, then I'm most likely in one of my Gitman Vintage shirts, or Corridor.

Tell us about the origin of your infamous hat? Let's face it, i'm a hat guy.  The initial obsession probably started with our homie Shaun coming in with his Nick Fouquet hats. Yes Hat(s).  Just feeling the beaver felt, the silk inlay etc, I was sold.  I would probably tell my girlfriend (hi Emma) how I wanted a $1200 hat every month, and she would just roll her eyes.  My 30th Bday came around and she gave me a pamphlet of photos of me with a photoshopped hat on top of my head in every picture, at the end it said we're going to Venice.  Long story short, she is a keeper.
Oversized or Tailored? Both. I think that's what's unique about style and expression.  You can do whatever you want and as long as you own it who cares.  I'm personally tend to go more towards a tailored fit but I have some pieces that are oversized too to just throw in the mix once in a while.
Color that is the next hot item for fall? I think its called Meercat, brownish orange like the Brown Heritage Plaid Corridor Released
Most Anticipated Fall Item/Release? For the past couple years for us it has always been 3Sixteen's Waxed Canvas Jacket in black, and it will probably reign true again.  What I'm most excited about is probably our denim releasing...won't say anymore, just stay tuned.
What got you interested in personal style?  I think i've gone through a lot of phases in my wardrobe, from college until now.  Probably an identity crises of finding myself in those times.  Honestly just trying things and really owning it is half the battle, if you feel good in it you probably look good. It helps to have an honest friend too
How did you learn how to Hem and Denim Repair? Youtube. Period.  I never really had a desire to learn how to use a sewing machine until probably my second year at Lone Flag.  We had a need and I said I was just going to figure it out and ended up really enjoying it.  Through countless hours of rethreading or learning how to thread and threads breaking and flipping tables and... etc.  it all paid off, now it is fun and like coloring a book on denim just with a 300 pound machine.
Hometown: Born in Hollywood, raised in San Diego. Hometown will always be SD 4 Lyfe.
Best 3 Restaurants in SD?  #1 Anyone who knows me knows that Campfire is my spot. #2. Lolitas IN MY OPINION has the best California Burrito, for any of you that don't know what a California Burrito is.  Next time you are in San Diego, your welcome. #3.  Izakaya Masa, I just love ramen. Anytime of the day.
Best Coffee in SD:  I have my spots for specific drinks.  I worked at Starbucks for 8 years(I know) and would just drink black iced coffee, I've become soft and now.  I'm just a milk and sugz kind of guy.  Philz Coffee Mint Mojito, don't make fun it's crack.  Zumbar has my favorite Latte/Mocha.  Iron Smith for the Flat White.
Fave Cocktail:  Pina Co... Jk Old Fashion (not joking tho)
Best Keng Name Pun: Kengkles
Favorite surf spot? - Pipes or any of those breaks around there. 
Final Keng Thoughts:  Measure Twice Cut Once
You can drop Keng a personal line at at any time to catch up on all things life / denim / product related. 


Sep 24, 2018

This Fall season we want to better tell the story of sustainably made denim as well as officially launch our repair store with Nudie at the Lone Flag flagship. You can see imagery from the campaign here as well as our video release for the project which will go live on Friday. 
Year-round we offer FREE repairs on all Nudie Denim dropped off in store, or you can trade in an old pair towards 20% off of a new pair of Nudies. 
We believe your denim deserves a second chance. 





Aug 28, 2018

More use and abuse please. We believe denim gets better with age, that's why we love the dry denim process so much, it's sort of an obsession here. With all the pairs that come through the shop that we repair / give new life to, Worn & Re-born is a place where we can give that left over denim new life in another place and recycle something beautiful rather than see it go to waste. It's a win-win. We like win-wins. 
This ever-evolving hand-picked selection comes from Keng and is available in-store and online now.



Jul 12, 2018

Good things take time. We’ve been working on a project with Palm High for a few months now on a collab collection based around our love of vintage military fabrics (see the couches in our shop for evidence). This next week we are releasing a limited headwear collection of unstructured 6 panel caps made entirely of Korean War shelter half materials dating back to the 50's. Each piece is cut by hand in a meticulously slow process to create useable blocks and then pieced together and hand sewn in LA by our friends at our small family partner factory. 

The full collection releases on 7/17. 1 piece per purchase only.

Nudie - Japanese Marine Day Release

Jul 07, 2018

In celebration of the Japanese holiday celebrating the ocean, Nudie is launching a special capsule collection featuring the Lean Dean fit with a special edition blue back stitch, blue and white chainstitch, and Japanese denim. With only 300 pairs releasing in the U.S., this is truly a limited edition collection with it's own unique fade potential based on the blue thread story and inky mid-weight denim.

Available in store and online here on July, 11th. Limited to 1 pair per purchase.

Custom chainstitching available with purchase. 



May 24, 2018

Eyewear is a perfect compliment to denim in a lot of ways, but for us the bespoke element of making simple things better through design is perhaps the best part of all. As fans of made in Japan and made in Italy eyewear, we've worked with David Kind for the past year to curate an in store collection of frames that we provide custom fitting and prescriptions for in the same vein as our custom denim hemming and repair services. This past week, our team went to get behind the scenes of the DK design studio to see more of what makes the brand so interesting, how they draw inspiration from mid-century design, and why the frames fit and feel like they should every time. You can see the full edited collection for Lone Flag here


Apr 11, 2018

Staying clean is a team effort, and we're happy to now not only offer a considered wardrobe offering in store and expert denim repair in house, but now also top knotch haircuts on site. As part of our 2.0 space patio just two blocks off the coast in Encinitas, our good friends at Soundcuts join us for their second location in our studio space. Consider this your one-stop location for an espresso, haircut, and full-service brand offering by the sea. 


You can now book a slot digitally for the Encinitas LF x SC location here

Palm High : 3rd Release : Coast Winds

Feb 20, 2018

Our minimalist headwear brand made by hand in LA. Less is more. For the 3rd iteration we focused on handfeel and wash in all of our premium fabrics. 

Available here:

US Stockists : Lone Flag / Wolf's Head

Japan Stockists : 1LDK / Rroomm / Maidens Shop / Wism / Baycrews


Nov 26, 2017

We teamed up with our friends at Richer Poorer who have supported LF since day one to do an out of the box event, something a little different. To show love for everyone that has been a part of the LF family, we offered a free collab beer designed with the Culture team all day in store as well as offered free tattoos across the way in our Other Sons studio. Family matters and we love each and every one of you, whether we've met in person here at the brick and mortar or not. Your support means the world to us and we look forward to serving you in the future. 






Oct 19, 2017

It was a no-brainer to bring in the David Kind experience to Lone Flag. Their premium eyewear made in  Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy at an attainable price was right up our alley and with the added service touch of customization, it felt right to offer to you in store and online. We'd call that affordable luxury and timeless style delivered in a well designed and executed package and it's all available with custom RX options in both optical as well as sun both in store and online at Lone Flag. Drop in store or visit us online...we'll set you up with next level service either way on a new pair for the season ahead. 


Jul 27, 2017

At our core, we love small batch product made well in limited releases. It's something about the combination of no one else having the pieces and the design that goes into making runs that look different is so rewarding. Our most recent project with our good friends at Broken Homme was a traditional mid-calf shape with a white Cristy sole that had an individual hand oiled finish on each so that no two were the same. They have a familiar worn in look to them that adds character and gives the feeling of that favorite pair you've always had, but with the lightweigh goodness of the Vibram sole. 

Hands on at the factory, follow our team here as they visit and discuss leather, finishing, and all things well made. We wouldn't have it any other way. 


Jun 26, 2017

Last week we shot up the coast to LA to catch up with our friends at 3sixteen to chat on what's next and see what they're working on at the shop. In the meantime, we reloaded our current core denim offering to include all 3 colors of the ST fit, our in-store signature fit from 3sixteen that we love custom fitting and hemming our customers in. More to come on some custom projects on seasons ahead, but in the interim you can stop by the brick & mortar to get sized up and fit on some of the new ST's in shop now (or online where we offer free hemming as well). 




Jun 19, 2017

If you've been in the shop, you know we love Portland's Stumptown from our fridge in store stocking bottled cold brews. They've managed to somehow "get big" and yet still have great branding and an always consistently great cup no matter where you get it. Haters will hate, but you can't argue that they've made a great product that always delivers on point and we love the brand for that. Some of our crew headed up to the LA roastery to chat with the team and get a behind the scenes look at the magic. See below for a brief Q&A from their sales manager (and LF denim owner) Ryan Jimenez.

How long has Stumptown been in Southern CA after shifting down from the Pacific Northwest?

Four caffeinated years. 

Real talk - what's the "must get" drink when you stop in?

I always get a flat white, but if I get Cold Brew, the Cold Shot is delicious and straight to the point. It's a two ounce pour of our Cold Brewed Hair Bender concentrate infused with nitrogen. It's like a cold, creamy shot of espresso and you can only get it in our cafes. Also worth mentioning, you can try any coffee we have on the menu as a pour over via our new Modbar for 5 bucks. That way you can fall in love with a coffee before buying an entire bag of it. 

Favorite origin of beans?

I love to dabble in different single origins, but I am a big fan of African coffee. Bright and floral with notes of citrus and stone fruits. This is usually my go-to afternoon cup. 

We're big on the work vibes playlist in store. Classical or metal work tunes?

Classical. Whether from the 1940's big band era or Classic hip hop from the 80's and 90's. 

Any big future plans for Stumptown Southern CA?

This is the Summer of Cold Brew and I am very excited for our first ever single origin Cold Brew in our stubby bottles. And what better way to kick it off than with my favorite origin - Ethiopia. This Ethiopia Guji has delicious notes of melon, rhubarb and caramel. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but I am truly excited for this. I have been requesting a single origin Cold Brew in a bottle for nearly three years that I've been at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. 

Words: Ryan Jimenez - Stumptown Sales Manager

Photos :


May 02, 2017

Palm High returns with a second made in LA simplistic headwear capsule for the minimalist at heart. No branding, no hype, all substance and detail. Each unstructured 6-panel piece is handmade and finished in the USA. Less is more. 



Apr 28, 2017

We take basics really seriously here, mainly because we feel like a perfect tee is something you were every single day and should fit better and last longer than anything else in your drawer. Over the last 3 years we've been working with a small factory in LA to source the finest cottons, wash them for ultimate softness, and structure them with custom specs (our curved hem to match your shirting lines) for extra length and no shrinkage. Long live better basics. 

Muted Forest, Washed Indigo, Charcoal Ash, and all core monochromes are back in stock now. 


Apr 04, 2017

Dre and Justin headed up to Monrovia to meet up with Railcar owner Steven to catch pu on the process of some new slant pocket trousers we had going in the works with them. We brought the cameras along to bring you into the process of seeing these pieces start from scratch and finish as a pair of indestructible daily grinder pants. Made on all vintage machinery, Steven and his crew put in effort and pride into every pair and the process start to finish is worth seeing first-hand. We love story here at Lone Flag, it's a piece of who we are and we want to share that with you. 


Mar 31, 2017

Made in Pittsburg, PA and forged by hand the old-fashioned way, we bring you the newest sterling & brass Studebaker collection for Lone Flag. This includes restocks on our sterling and brass cuffs as well as the brand new vintage inspired ID bracelet exclusively available here and with the LF inside branding. 


Mar 13, 2017

Hold recently released a collection of mugs made by hand in Japan, a meticulous process that makes each piece unique in it's finish. Since we love coffee, tea, and sake, we love the concept of sharing those in a vessel you'll keep for the long haul. 






Feb 22, 2017